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"First do no harm"

Terms of Reference:-

1 The current climate of apparent disrespect for life in this country and the European threat of euthanasia, gives urgent need to strengthen the voice of nurses who are opposed to euthanasia.
2 Opposed nurses will be those from whatever background of beliefs who consider euthanasia never to be an acceptable form of treatment or care nor a proper solution to a patient?s problems.
3 Other members of the multidisciplinary team are welcome to join this group, which was formally initiated in January 2001, in liaison with the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.


Group Objectives :-

1 To be prepared to protect patients from people/practices which are aimed at killing them.
2 To maintain the historical nursing duty of care and respect for people, who may or may not be able to speak for themselves.
3 To offer a network of support and encouragement to nurses concerned about the threat to life of patients in their care/ work environments.
To challenge the increasingly accepted belief that nutrition and hydration constitute medical treatment, considering assisted nutrition, in almost every case as a basic necessity of care, when required, appropriate and possible.

To continue the tradition and maintain the right of nurses to act as the patient?s advocate with support from the profession.

5 To achieve an addition to the Nursing Code of Professional Conduct to protect nurses from being forced or required to carry out any clinical orders / decisions which compromise the nurse?s duty of care, patient safety and physical and / or mental well ? being.
6 To work against the threat of legalised euthanasia and promote humane, compassionate care alternatives.
7 To raise awareness of the Nursing & Midwifery Council?s Code of Professional Conduct in relation to respect for people?s rights.




1 - Florence Nightingale (1863) Notes on Nursing (Hospitals) cf. Hippocrates.

2 - Nursing & Midwifery Council (2002) Revised Code of Professional Conduct. NMC: London.




















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