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Most deaths in 2005 due to abortion

LETTER: Most deaths in 2005 due to abortion

Friday, April 4, 2008 3:15 PM CDT

I read in Sound Off! about how many soldiers have been killed in the war. I agree one soldier is too many, but the statistics are not as bad as it sounds when you do a comparison.

These are U.S. statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for 2005.

Annual deaths: 1.6 million due to abortion; 652,486 due to heart disease; 553,888 due to cancer; 150,074 due to stroke; 121,987 due to chronic lower respiratory diseases; 112,012 due to accidents (unintentional injuries); 73,138 due to diabetes; 65,965 due to Alzheimer's disease; 59,664 due to influenza/pneumonia; 33,373 due to septicemia; 32,439 due to suicide; 30,308 due to poisoning; 29,569 due to firearms; 835 due to falls; 800 killed in Iraq and Afghanistan (five years times 800 equals 4,000); 815 deaths each year per 100,000 population in the United States.To pull out now would be a great error. It would leave millions defenseless, and a million innocent lives probably would be lost. The whole Middle East would be vulnerable to war and an Iranian takeover of Iraq. It has to be gradual as the Iraqi people become self-governing. It doesn't matter how we got in this mess, but it does matter how we get out.

If you want to help save the most lives, help stop abortion.

George Meitz


















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