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Dear Sir,


We would like,on behalf of the Islamic Medical Association in the UK, to give you a brief Muslim medical response regarding your consultation document on: THE CASE OF WOMEN REQUESTING INDUCED ABORTION.

We would love to give you a detailed response regarding the different issues you have raised in your document but unfortunately, we have just discovered your consultation, and time is short now in order to go into all details.

As the whole consultation is based on abortion,Please allow us from the beginning, to make a general commentary and to question the need for this unnecessary medical/surgical invasive procedure :abortion?
Today we have a lot of good reasons to oppose abortion:

*It is definetely INHUMANE,as it deliberately KILLS an innocent human life: A NEW BABY ,who is growing and developping normally in the womb of his/her mother.
He/she has committed no crime to be killed...?
And is not only simple killing...but killing in a cruel barbaric "painful" bloody way,especially when the baby is CUT to about 20 pieces?

One is shocked today to know that many doctors and the RCOG endorse such inhumane medical procedure,with the help of so called"Angels of mercy":the nurses?

Worse it is very inhumane and very uncivilised to legalise the killing of the innocent unborn babies up to 9 months pregnancy,if he/she is disabled or handicapped?
Unfortunately many doctors today are moving more towards this new "Culture of death" of the unborn and in their support too to kill the olds,the chronically ill and the disabled through Assisted suicide/Euthanasia?
*Most doctors took their Hippocratic oath before:TO PROTECT AND SAVE EVERY HUMAN can they do the opposite now and betray their oath and kill about 200 000 innocent human lives/year?
*Thus abortion is NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD! It takes from the child:his/her own sacred life and his/her existence!
*Also this act of killing is in contradiction to the :United Nations Declaration on the RIGHTS OF THE CHILD:THE RIGHT TO LIFE.
*Apart from ending one human life,many women who had abortions,do SUFFER too,Psychologically and Physically after abortion,according to many medical studies and as you have mentioned some of it in your document.
In Africa,Asia and in poor countries, many women too die after the abortion ,due to poor unhygienic conditions and lack of medical follow up,so 2 killings and 2 victims resulting from a single abortion?
*We have to state also that ,abortions are rising day after day and that most abortions today are done for social reasons,and not as such for health reasons?
*Unfortunately abortion is becoming a big business enterprise for many doctors :unlawful money from unjust medical/surgical procedure based on the killing of an innocent existent human life?
*The huge and rising number of abortion,about 200 000/year, is WASTING OUR PRECIOUS AND LIMITED MEDICAL

in the NHS and is preventing us from treating many real sick and ill people who suffer from a lot of diseases like:heart,cancer,Diabetes etc...

Besides the waiting list is getting larger!
*Obviously,abortion might be allowed in the very rare situation,when the life of the pregnant woman is in danger if she carries on with her pregnancy? but is better to contain the pregnancy in hospital in this case up to 6 months and if needed to take the baby out to an incubator
as baby can survive after 6 months,so both lives can be saved.
*We do admit,there is today this serious situation :the presence of a large number of unwanted pregnancies,especially outside we all need to work together in order to make a plan so we can avoid or prevent a lot of unwanted pregnancies(No conception),which usually do end in abortion.
*It is wise to go back to the best healthy safe behaviour which is supported by our all Almighty GOD and is endorsed by Christianity and Islam and in other religions:Chastity/ sex before marriage,especially as 2/3 of these unwanted pregnancies are because of unhealthy risky life style:sex before marriage, among many of our teenage girls.
Teenage pregnancy in Britain is the highest in Europe as we all know!.
*Is very important today to find out about the real reasons which make some women request abortion,as some can be addressed without the need for abortion, like: financial help,adoption etc..
*FOR THE BEST INTEREST OF ALL WOMEN requesting abortion today ,we recommend strongly to offer PROPER COUNSELLING and advice to every one but in an objective(not subjective) manner .
Is useful to find out about the deep unknown undeclared reasons by the woman for requesting an abortion(WHY?).
We believe most abortions will be prevented after,especially if one offer other ALTERNATIVES and some ways out.
*Women who are considering abortion should be given in details all needed and necessary INFORMATIONS in connection of abortion in order to have FULLY INFORMED CHOICE ,so they can take their clear decisions after.
Informations on:the development/stages of the baby(Embryology),methods of abortion,how abortion is done(a film to show),side effects and complications(instant and later),Health hazards(Physical and Psychological),Alternatives..and to show her especially her unborn baby(Ultra sound,scan) and to allow her listen to his/her heart beats.
We believe that the Counselling issue the fully Informed choice and the needed Information to give have been taken lightly in your document.

Another medical fact,over 40 medical studies in the world,have prooved the link between some abortions and breast cancer.
To deny all these studies,is unethical unfair and wrong!
To say also that:"abortion is safer than continuing a pregnancy" is quite unbelievable!?
Pregnancy is a natural physiological process while abortion is an abnormal invasive unnecessary medical/surgical procedure and an aggressive act on a peaceful tranquil "healthy" baby who is NOT SICK ,and his mother, by and large ,is not sick or seriously ill.

We like to conclude and to say that your RCOG should make all the necessary efforts in order to REDUCE abortion drastically/ or to be made illegal on:

-Humane grounds
-Health grounds for the mother
And for the better use of our limited medical resources in the NHS(doctors,medicine,theatres,hospital beds etc...).
-Economic grounds
-Ethical grounds
-Religious grounds,especially as found in Christianity and Islam.

Finally,it was puzzling to us,to see that most of your Group members are biased towards abortion?
There was no voice at all in your proposed Consultation for all the doctors in Britain( Christians,Muslims....) who oppose abortion.
There should have been also Representatives of all the FAITHS in your Group or to seek at least their religious views prior to the drafting of the Consultation,as abortion(killing an innocent unborn baby) is very much linked to one's religious beliefs and practices as a doctor as a nurse and as a patient.

Yours faithfully

Dr A.Majid Katme(MBBCH,DPM)

Spokesman: Islamic Medical Association/UK

Tel: 07944 240 622

Address: 31 North Circular Road Palmers Green London N13 5EG

NB: Please acknowledge this Muslim medical response/letter.

DATE: 18th February 2011