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It was reported that GOD "said":

"Son of Adam, I provided for you in the belly of your mother a place of rest;
I covered your face with a membrane so that you do not fear the womb;
I made your face turn towards your mother’s back so that you are not harmed by the smell of the food; I made for you a cushion to your right and a cushion on your left:The one on your right is your liver the one on the left is your spleen.


I taught you how to stand up and how to crouch inside your mother’s womb;

When the moment came for you to emerge: I inspired the angel in charge of births to bring you out on a feather of its wing. You had no tooth to cut with, no hand to strike with, no foot to walk with.

I made two thin vessels in your mother’s chest to give out milk for you that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


I filled your parents’ hearts with kindness so that they are not fed until you are fed , nor do they sleep until you sleep. When you became tough and your back was strengthened, you challenged Me by your sins and were insolent towards Me; you hide from others but not from Me. Nevertheless, if you call on Me, I will respond; if you ask Me, I will give you; if you repent, I will accept, and I am more merciful towards you than a mother towards her baby. "ISLAMIC QUOTATION(?Hadith Qudsi)

From Dr A.Majid Katme(Spokesman on Medical Ethics/Islamic Medical Association)
Pro-life ,Pro-family muslim Campaigner.
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