Society for the Protection of Unborn children...


The Rt Hon Lord Falconer
(Lord Chancellor,Minister with responsibility for the Bill)
Selbourne House
54 Victoria Street
London SW1E 6QW

My Lord,

In the UK,there are about two million British muslims,which include:
ten of thousands of muslim doctors and nurses ,and many hundred thousands of muslim patients;
They all believe strongly in our all GOD,the One GOD,the only GOD,the Creator and the Owner of all life.
Only GOD Almighty has got the full right and power to end the life of any human being,through natural death and at an

appointed time fixed by GOD alone.
It is blasphemous and against GOD and all the Holy Scriptures,for any patient or doctor or judge or Lord or MP decide or take any step which will end the life of any patient or person,whether directly or indirectly or by OMISSION or NEGLECT!

This why:ending the life/ Killing of the innocent unborn children as in abortion,attempted suicide,assisted suicide(direct or indirect)/Euthanasia and suicide...are all PROHIBITED in the teachings of Islam and in all religions and Holy Scriptures.
Every human life is SACRED and should be protected,and all Laws/Bills in the UK should reflect
this basic Divine concept,for the sake of the patient, doctor,family and all society..and for the sake of GOD!
British muslims are opposing the final draft of the Mental Capacity Bill,as it is still remains a vehicle for UTHANASIA/KILLING BY NEGLECT!
We do see in the present Bill,despite some clauses/amendments:


-The withdrawal of food and fluids from any patient is INHUMANE, very CRUEL and UNACCEPTABLE! and against all Ethics of good medical practice
it will usually lead to dehydration and starvation and to an agonising death..! this is KILLING! or EUTHANASIA BY NEGLECT!

Food and fluid is a must for every patient and for every human in sickness and in health!
And they should not be considered treatment at all!!!
-"LIVING WILLS"/Advance decisions are the door to Euthanasia, which will also cause many legal and Ethical problems to the doctors looking after the patient!

They should be removed or restricted ,and in all cases:food and fluids should be given.
All doctors should practice freely in order to protect and save life,and no one should feel under pressure to do otherwise.
-"BEST INTERESTS" is still a deceiving term! still imply: Killing and death?

It should include all the times:THE PRESERVATION OF LIFE.
We believe that the BEST INTERESTS for both :Doctor and patient is to avoid any intention to end an existing life...(otherwise both will be in Hell! ..."WORST INTERESTS"!).
-Finally,we are still concerned about the power/DECISIONS of the attorney

Been non medical generally,he/she can be motivated by a desire to bring about the patient's death?
This is very big concern to us as the Bill has not put some safeguards in order to protect the life of the patient.

We request you,on behalf of the British muslims,to take notice of our deep concerns and unhappiness about the present state of the Bill ,in your 3rd reading it is still a Bill for Euthanasia by omission or neglect.!
If the above mentioned concerns have not been addressed,we would like this BILL to be

Yours sincerely

Dr A.Majid Katme (MBBCh,DPM)
Spokesman: Islamic Medical Association/UK
Coordinator:Islamic Concern








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